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Budd's Gunisao Lake Lodge

Budd’s Gunisao Lake Lodge will celebrate its’ 32nd season in 2019.

World Class Fishing has brought so many people to Gunisao Lake but our family’s devotion to service is what brings people back. When Dr. Jim Budd bought the fishing lodge, he quickly made it into a family affair. Doc, his brother Don, his son Brendon and eventually Brendon’s wife Lisa, ran the fishing camp for many years.  Now Dusty, Doc’s youngest son, and his wife Jennie, own and manage the Lodge and all its day to day operations.

Dusty and Jennie have been managing the lodge for the past 18 years. They have brought with them 5 star service and they focus on providing everyone with an “all you have to do is go fishing” attitude, because everything else will be taken care of for you. Dusty and Jennie are proud to raise their 2 children in an atmosphere they truly love. Jackson, their 11 year old son, and Dakota, their 8 year old daughter can be seen playing and helping around camp.

You can view/download our commemorative 30th Anniversary photo collage here.

General Manager / Owner

Dusty Budd

Dusty grew up at the Lodge. He found himself helping, fishing and playing at the Lodge during his youth. While in college, he spent his summers on Gunisao Lake as a guide. After he graduated, Dusty began to manage the Lodge and all the aspects of its operations including booking guests, marketing, attending sport shows, serving drinks at the bar, greeting you as you arrive in camp and helping to make your trip to Gunisao Lake a memorable one.

Hospitality Manager / Owner

Jennie Budd

Jennie started her journey at Budd’s by working as a server and housekeeper. She used to attend sport shows with Dusty and could be found just about anywhere around the Lodge working alongside the staff. These days she now helps with the training of the kitchen and housekeeping staff and helps out when she can. She loves getting out on the Lake and has her hands full watching her 2 little Buddkins.

Pro Staff Guides

Many of our guides have fished Gunisao Lake for over 30 years. 

Special thanks to our 2018 Guides: 

Carl York, Ryan Jordan, Ryan Johnson, Kurtis Walker, Nolan York, Erwin Bailey, Darryl Moritz, Avery Muswagon, Nathan Tymchuk, Tyler Ducharme, George Evans, Ross Apetagon, Langford York, Jesse Lammers, and Mike Stewart (not pictured).

Winnipeg Expeditor

David Lowry

Last season was David's fourth year of being the expeditor at Budd's.  This however, was not David's 1st job with at Gunisao.  David was the chef at Budd's for 3 years starting in 2009.  David also runs his own catering business in Winnipeg.  He looks after the meal services for resident students at one of the private colleges at the University of Manitoba on a year round basis.

David enjoys having dinner with friends and watching good movies.  The best part of working at the lodge is that he sees a lot of happy clients and that makes his job effortless.  He is always happy to be of assistance to guests of the lodge with whatever need they may have while in Winnipeg.